Fort Portal, Uganda
Fort Portal, Tourism City


Peace And Justice
Inspired by the Gospel and the social teaching of the Catholic Church, the peace and justice programme aims to promote justice, peace, reconciliation and love within the socio-economic, political, cultural, and environmental spheres of life. The programme addresses four thematic areas namely: child protection, good governance, relief and response; conflict resolution
  • Programme vision: A just peaceful, united and prosperous diocese where the church is prophetic and the people live as a family. Programme mission: To promote and protect the gospel values within the church, the state and society, inspired by God’s love. 

    Programme Core values: Justice, Peace, integrity, love, accountability, subsidiary and objectivity. 


    • To promote and facilitate dialogue as a tool to resolve conflict among members of the diocese
    • To promote accountable leaders among the men and women of Fort Portal Diocese
    • To empower women and children on their rights and responsibilities 
    • To provide relief and other services to disadvantaged communities and the displaced