Fort Portal, Uganda
Fort Portal, Tourism City


Promic means Micro entrepreneurs for efficient poverty alleviation. This Programme was initiated by the Uganda Catholic Women’s Bureau, in partnership with the open hand foundation SWISSHAND, with the aim of enabling less privileged women to access credit facilities for economic development.
  • The main objective of the Programme is to empower the poor with entrepreneurial skills to enable them contribute towards the eradication of household poverty. The Programme started operating in Fort Portal Diocese in November 2005. It started in Bukwali Parish with a group of 60 women but has since expanded to other parishes of Virika, Yerya, Kanyamukale, Kitumbi and St Charle Lwanga among others. Programme Activities:
    • Giving loans to women, men, and youth above 18 years of age. The loans range from UGX150,000 to UGX1,500,000, payable at an interest of 3.2% per six months
    • Regular training and capacity building in financial literacy, saving culture, and gender awareness 
    • Training on micro-entrepreneurship skills
    • Refresher courses for existing groups and business consultancy

    Achievements: The programme currently serves 645 clients. Clients have built houses, paid tuition for children and invested in motorcycle transport, and purchased property. More clients continue to join the group to access loans. The programme continues to build their capacity in financial literacy and provides them with access to loans.